Tire 101: What Does A Tire Simulator Do?

When it comes to customizing your car, there is a hand full of things you can do. From changing the exhausts, adding a sporty spoiler, using sporty graphics, and to change the bumpers are some of the things you can do. Most of the people do not look for some serious modifications to turn their Civic in to a car that would look like the one in NFS video games or the type of cars that you have witnessed in the movie “Fast And Furious.” The most common alteration people do to their car is probably, change the stock tires. If you are in the market to change your car tires, you must know the answer to the question, what does a tire simulator do? Tire simulators can help you get the tires of perfect type and size for your automobile.

Picking wheels and tires is an important factor when it comes to adding a bit of style to your ride. Every professional builder will inform you, there is nothing more significant than the car’s posture and attitude. A tire change and a wheel simulator can give your car a killer look.

Choosing a tire that is exactly of the same size and shape of the stock tire doesn’t need much research at all. All you need is to drive down to shop and get your new tires. However if you are willing to get new tires of bigger dimension or different form-factor, then you will have to use a tire simulator before purchase, rather than buying expensive tires that doesn’t look good or fit well.

So, what does a tire simulator do?

It’s a tool that use can use to get all the precise measurements you need to keep in hand before buying the new tires. Measurements such as, wheel’s width, bolt pattern of the wheel, diameter and most important of all offset, and backspace are required.

  • Diameter: It is the entire diameter of the wheel.
  • Width: This represents the overall width of the wheel.
  • Bolt Pattern: One must know the number of bolts and most importantly the bolt circle measurements. This can be measured by means of bolt circle gauge or measuring across the bolt holes can give you exact size. Cars of different era have different number of bolts and dimensions. For instance the Fords from the 60′s had a five hole and has a bolt circle value of 4.5.
  • Backspace: Backspace is one more crucial value you ought to be aware of. In simple terms, this could be defined as the distance in inches from the mounting surface that touches the hub to the back edge of the tire. This is one of the most discussed subject that comprises the question, what does a tire simulator do?
  • Offset: Offset and Backspace are the 2 most important values. The amount of wheel behind face and the amount that is in front of the face, gives the offset of a wheel. Offset is of 3 types, positive, negative and zero. In a positive offset the face protrudes outside, in negative offset the wheel will have a deep-dished look, and in zero offset the centerline and mounting surface are on the same plane.

Now you have the answer to the question with which you started reading this article, what does a tire simulator do? So, do get a tire simulator before buying new tires for your car. You will be saving a whole lot of money.