Parts Of A Car Wheel For Dummies

Often mentioned as the best invention of mankind ever, the wheel is praised to the most precious of the 6 simple machines. A wheel could be used as a steering in an automobile, a flywheel, and could be employed to accomplish an assorted number of functionalities not one in automobiles but also in a lot of other machines. Of course when someone utters the word ‘wheel,’ the first thing that comes to our mind is a Car wheel. The parts of a car wheel have almost the same components as that of a wheel used in any of the modern automobiles.

Basic Components of the Parts of a Car Wheel


  • Hub: The Hub is that imperative part of the wheel by which the wheel could be attached to the axle as well as the brakes. The axle is inserted in to the vent present at the center of the hub and this assembly is held in place by means of lug nuts.
  • Rim: The rim forms the skeleton of the wheel. The rubber tires typically cover the rim, which gives traction to the vehicle. Rims are available in various forms and different sizes and they are typically made up of steel. Since, steel looks a bit dull and plain, chrome and aluminum alloys are the most popular type of materials used in manufacturing rims. Only the important parts of a car wheel are discussed here and this is the most vital of them all. A lot of wise folks, to save some money, will buy steel rims and use wheel simulator to cover the rims from the outside to give the car a posh look.
  • Tire: This is part of the wheel that is in contact with the road usually made from rubber and provides traction and also works as a tertiary shock absorber. The particular part of the tire that comes in contact with the road is called as tread area that contains grooves which ensure good friction while braking and prevents the car from skidding on wet surfaces. The pressurized air inside the rubber tires provides comfort while riding and pneumatics.
  • Wheel Simulator: As the name suggests, wheel simulators are the best cost effective way to simulate an expensive wheel that is made of chrome or aluminum alloy. Often known as wheel covers or liners or hub covers, wheel simulators can help you bring a fancy and mean look to your car. The main reason for a lot of people to go for wheel simulators is to cut cost and most importantly the steel rims that are going to hide behind your simulators are going to durable and rugged enough.

Basically, these are the parts of a car wheel that you need to be aware of, as these parts are essential to your safety when driving. Be sure to get only the best quality brand for your car to ensure durability and reliability.